What Are The Rules To Being A Bail Bondsman?

The world of being a bondsman or a bounty hunter are glorified when you look at television programs and movies.  Many people see it as being a great job to chase after the bad guy, have fast car chases, shoot guns and tackle people to the ground.  Unfortunately, this is not how the real world works.  In fact, a bondsman has to follow by a strict set of rules that are continually growing.

For those working with Orange County Bail Bonds, there are going to be many rules that they need to follow.  Companies like Acme Bail Bonds will also have their own sets of rules and regulations that an employee will need to follow.  Here are just a few that you may find interesting.

Must have a clean and valid license

You can’t just wake up one day and say you are going to start bonding people out and get rich.  You have to go through a long process of training, background checks and weapons training.  You will also need to learn and understand the laws of where you will work and how to gain the laws of areas your bonds may run to.

Must have warrants and proper documentation at all times

Paperwork is going to be a major component to being a bondsman.  You need to be able to read, write and interpret the paperwork on your specific charge.  If you don’t have paperwork in order, a judge can throw out the entire arrest and even dismiss the case.  It is very important that you have everything together before you act on a bond.

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Protect the community

Your job is to protect and deal with the community.  This means that you can’t just bust into people’s house or do things simply because the criminal is doing things wrong.  You need to know all the laws and regulations.  The better you know these and how you can adapt them to your own personal benefit, then the better off you will be and the greater the asset you will be to the bond company.