Differences Between Commercial And Residential Electrician

A commercial electrician looks after the business. A residential electrician looks after the house. A commercial electrician in San Antonio, TX looks after a sizeable proportion of the city’s electrical requirements. A residential electrician may have the capacity to carry out repairs and upgrades across several blocks. His work could cover an entire town. But perhaps this is too much. How could quality craftsmanship be assured when the preoccupations are that numerous.

Indeed, it is to be expected that there will be several more electricians on the beat. All of whom would have to be suitably and fully qualified to deal with consumer demand. It could be expected that a residential electrician will be carrying out general electrical work. And it could be expected that a commercial electrician would be something of an electrical specialist. For instance, the requirements of a retail store operation would be a lot different from that of a workshop or factory environment.

A commercial electrician and a residential electrician do, however, have a few things in common. It should be a given that a commercial electrician will be carrying out regular maintenance inspections on behalf of his commercial customers. Could it be assumed then that a majority of residential property owners would be avoiding this highly recommended service in the interest of keeping the running costs of the home as low as possible.

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So if that were the case, that would be very foolish indeed. The residential property owner must be made more fully aware of what he is letting himself in for. Because at the loss of a regular maintenance inspection service, he would be exposing the household to a major electrical emergency that could in the end become quite costly to remedy.